General Report:
This statement identifies the institution(s) attended, periods of education, certificate(s), diplomas(s), and degree(s) earned, and provides the United States educational equivalent.

Course by Course Analysis:
In addition to the General Report, this statement includes a breakdown of courses with the number of units recommended for each course.

Comprehensive Report:
This statement includes a breakdown of courses with the number of units recommended for each course. In addition, it indicates the U.S. grade equivalents, and identifies course levels in terms of lower or upper division.

Experiential Learning:
This type of evaluation indicates learning which was gained from professional experience (business, engineering, and technology only). Please contact APIE for additional information.
The application should be filled out completely, and the back side should be signed and dated.

Clear, legible photocopies of transcripts, certificates, diplomas or degrees must be submitted. Copies of all documentation become the property of APIE.

APIE reserves the right to request original records for verification purposes.

Certified English translations must be submitted along with all foreign language records.

APIE reserves the right to verify educational records with issuing colleges or bodies. We also request that records be submitted in English from institutions which prepare English language credentials.

Course Descriptions or Syllabi:
APIE reserves the right to request course descriptions or syllabi when needed.

15-20 business days, after receipt of all required documentation. APIE reserves the right to take longer if extensive research is needed.
  • Twenty-Four (24) Hour Rush
  • Three (3) Working Day Rush
  • Five (5) Working Day Rush

The above Rush Services begin when all required documentation and fees are received.

All fees must be paid in the form of a cashier's check or money order payable to APIE. The fee includes one typed original along with a photocopy of the evaluation. The fee schedule is on the back side of the application.

Fee are subject to change without notice.
All fees are non-refundable except in the case of an overpayment. No refund will be issued for cancellation of an evaluation after the application has been submitted.
If records submitted are determined to be altered or irregular, the application is immediately canceled and no evaluation will be provided. No refund will be made.
The following is a partial list of organizations which accept APIE evaluations:
  • US Colleges and Universities
  • US Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • US Office of Personnel Management
  • US Internal Revenue Service
  • US Armed Services
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • State Professional Licensing Boards (Accounting, Engineering, Psychology, Laboratories, Education, etc.)
Our evaluation statements serve as a suggested guideline of the approximate equivalent level and are not binding upon any institution, organization or agency which may use them.

Our evaluation are based upon recommendations approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. We accept no responsibilities for any damages which may incur as a result of the equivalency recommended.

Equivalency statements are based on the most current references and best information available. APIE reserves the right to reassess educational equivalencies as updated information becomes available.

APIE conducts the evaluation by mail. If additional documents are required, we will contact you by mail or telephone.